September is About You! Memberships Starting @$10


Tanning & Red Light Therapy

starting @ $19.95 per month


Unlimited $5 Tans & $5 Red Light Therapy

$10-$15 Sunless Sprays

$25 Infrared Sauna Pod Therapy

$69 Laser Body Sculpting

$49 Laser Face Lifts

$10 per Month


 Ultra-Fit Vibe Plate

Getting Fit Has Never Been SO EASY

10 Minutes = 1 HOUR at the GYM

20 Minutes = 2 HOURS at the GYM

Developed by NASA in 1895, they had found that astronauts began suffering from major bone loss so they used vibration therapy to help strengthen their bone mass and muscles.

What Does It Do?

The plate helps define and tone muscles faster by using vibration. The average plate vibrates in 3 different directions, 20 to 50 times per second. The plate assists in draining the lymphatic system which is critical when burning calories and toning muscles. By doing this, your body will rid itself of all the unwanted toxins and pathogens. Spending just 10 min on the vibration plate is equal to 1 hour in the gym! The vibration therapy also helps blood circulation, alleviates stress and boosts your metabolism.

 10 – 10 minute Ultra Fit Vibe Plate Sessions $35




 3 Locations to Serve You

Schaumburg 1-847-352-1000

Bloomingdale 1-630-924-1500

Arlington Heights 1-847-342-7600



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