UV Tanning Products

We carry an assortment of lotions to best fit our clients.


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These types of lotions help the skin naturally achieve deep and dark tanning results

All accelerators will have an ingredient called unipertan or tyrosine, these are an amino acid that stimulates your own natural pigment production.

Recommended Tanning Level: Beginner to Advanced


Bronzers give your skin additional and immediate color through cosmetic bronzers and sunless tanning agents

Bronzing agents can include a self-tanning agent called Dihydroxyacetone (DHA), walnut extract and caramel.

Recommended Tanning Level: Advanced


Tingles increase the micro-circulation and oxygenation of your skin to give you deep and dark tanning results

These lotions also have a ‘warming’ and ‘reddening’ effect on your skin

Tingles are effective on areas of the body that due to frequent shaving and exfoliation, such as women’s legs, have issues retaining colour

The active ingredient responsible for the tingling sensation is called benzyl nicotinate

Recommended Tanning Level: Advanced

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