Testimonials-Banner-copyAngie’s Story:

“Being overweight isn’t easy, loosing weight to “fit in” and be comfortable isn’t easy. There comes a point you get fed up and decide to change, decide to diet, decide to do more physical activity.. for some people it works but for me it did not. Throwing away pants that don’t fit is the worst feeling of being let down and I only had myself to blame. After I heard about Lipo Laser It seemed to easy to be true. The other day I put on pants I couldn’t wear in over a year by loosing inches off my waist in the easiest way possible. Lipo Laser is for me, and it’s for everyone too.” Stop in & see me at Ultramax, I would love to speak to you further about my wonderful journey with Laser Lipo or call to schedule a complimentary consultation!

Angie Mitchell  ~Certified Laser Technician~1-847-352-1000

Karls’ Story:

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Ultramax for helping me solve my winter doldrums and weight gaining dilemma.  For years I would find myself gaining unwanted pounds over the course of the winter until I started utilizing the infrared sauna. I have been regularly using the sauna since last summer and I have never felt better.  Not only have I kept off the “winter weight” but I have more energy now that the toxins have been sweated out.  In addition, my aches and pains have drastically subsided. And furthermore, I have read medical journals that have stipulated prolonged use of the sauna has a major impact upon blood pressure reduction and decreased mental deterioration as well.  If you have not begun a sauna program in your health regiment you are missing out.  I recommend starting one today! You’ll enjoy a lifetime of benefits, some of which may have never occurred to you.  Thank You Ultramax!

Sincerely, Karl D.


I’m SO excited to write this review! I feel like I’ve been to every tanning place there is… and is this salon is by far my favorite.  First of all, the staff is so friendly, I feel like they really have the best interest of their clients at heart. Since I was a new customer, the manager set me up with $29/month unlimited tanning plan, no contract, that way I could try them out. I am so impressed!  My monthly package includes unlimited level 1 tanning, level 1 facial, and level Red Light Therapy.  After my first month, my plan will change to a contract for only $21/ month.  In the past, I’ve only gotten color in super high intensity beds, so I’ll admit I was reluctant to tan in Level 1. The staff assured me the bulbs are super strong and are changed often… and wow, is that for sure. I’ve only tanned 3 times for 15 minutes each, and already definitely see a difference! I’ve upgraded and done the level 4 (strongest) Red Light Therapy bed on 2 occasions and have seen such improvement. Level 4 is $12 and Level 1 is in included in my package. I was having a major breakout when I began my sessions, and have already seen such improvement. It has also faded my stretch marks! Even if you don’t tan, I highly recommend at least trying the Red Light bed, it’s amazing!!! I will definitely be tanning with Ultramax for a very long time!  ~Amanda G.

Besides the hustle and bustle of running errands on Saturdays, I took the time to take care of ME!!! The Fitbody Wrap was such an AWESOME, RELAXING, MENTAL FOCUS EXPERIENCE. The sauna pad had four sections from 1-4. Sections 1-2 controlled the top part of my body, while section 3-4 controlled the bottom part of my body. I set my temperature to the max at 130 degrees bottom and 95 degrees top. One hour of pure detox sweat. It felt really good taking care of ME!!! Rest assure, I set up my next appointment. ~Carolyn Alexander

Great service! Thats what makes a business isn’t it? Karen was amazing. Helped me learn all about red light and get my son hooked on it. I’ve been there 3 times and that place hops! It’s always very clean and if you have a problem (one person did while I was waiting) her customer service was outstanding!     ~Cinder M.

Love this place! Very clean, affordable and I instantly had color after the first time I tanned. XOXO  ~Stephanie Person

Largest, cleanest, most personalized tanning spa that I have EVER experienced. Their mystic tans are outstanding~I always receive so many compliments on how natural it looks. The red light therapy is addictive~my skin always feels so refreshed and tight afterward. I’ve tried the fit bed twice, and I can’t wait to go back! The customer service is amazing as well. Family owned business that is so cared for. Love love LOVEEEEE ULTRAMAX TAN  ~ Natalie Lowden

Love tanning here everyone is so nice:) I just love there tanning beds and the girls are very helpful and so nice 🙂  ~Andrea Marie

Great place. Super clean, awesome staff, best deals. ~Mark Swiderski

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