Real People, Real Results

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Ultramax for helping me solve my winter doldrums and weight gaining dilemma.  For years I would find myself gaining unwanted pounds over the course of the winter until I started utilizing the infrared sauna. I have been regularly using the sauna since last summer and I have never felt better.  Not only have I kept off the “winter weight” but I have more energy now that the toxins have been sweated out.  In addition, my aches and pains have drastically subsided. And furthermore, I have read medical journals that have stipulated prolonged use of the sauna has a major impact upon blood pressure reduction and decreased mental deterioration as well.  If you have not begun a sauna program in your health regiment you are missing out.  I recommend starting one today! You’ll enjoy a lifetime of benefits, some of which may have never occurred to you.  Thank You Ultramax!real

Sincerely, Karl D.

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